Short history of the crib
In former times one led the tradition of the Christmas crib on the holy Franz of ate back, which let a crib with living animals, but without the holy family construct at the Christian night 1223 in the forest in the proximity of the monastery Greccio. It was however already before in many places usual to specify to Christmas Mysterien and cradle play.
In 16. Then some church medals, prominently the Jesuiten began century to use crib representations also in the mission work. Crib representations were to in 18. Century inside mainly on the church area. Only after the king of Neapel itself in 18. Century for its palace a magnificent crib to make let, which showed a palace as place of the happening, became it in Italy, later also in Spain, Germany etc. usually to develop also in private houses at Christmas crib representations.
This desire of humans was favoured by the advancement of the production engineering (work in factories, employment of Modeln, starting from 1830 industrial manufacturing of Papiermaché figures).
These representations showed often not only the happening in the stable, but began with Mariä Verkündigung and ended with the escape to Egypt. In each case the happening was shown, which was temporally current. Thus the children placed in Spain e.g. the holy ones of three kings to each day a bit further against the crib near, so that these stood then on 6 January finally before the crib. During we in Europe with the crib representations usually in the tradition 19. Century remained, refer e.g. the Töpfer in Peru often their everyday life life into the representation also.